“BURINTEKH”, Ltd supply corrector-damper is in the list of “The Best Products of Russia – 2022”

This year the best Russian enterprises became the winners of the 25th anniversary All-Russian competition “100 Best Products of Russia”. “BURINTEKH”, Ltd was among them. The supply corrector-damper (KPD) was recognized as the winner, which has no analogues both in Russia and abroad and is protected by a number of Russian patents, Eurasian patents and a US patent.

The supply corrector - damper (KPD) is designed to ensure optimal uniform loading of the bit by axial load, when the movement of the drill string as a result of friction is uneven, jerky, as well as to dampen axial and torsional loads acting on the bit and bottomhole assembly (BHA) while drilling. The device has a straight flow channel and does not create an additional pressure drop during operation. KPD does not require additional and significant pressure drop to create a pushing force, the internal flow channel is made with minimal hydraulic resistance.

Among the enterprises of the republic there was also a competition “For the best standardization service”. “BURINTEKH”, Ltd ranked among the winners.

  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is the best company in the group “Bit Service”

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd got the highest scores from oil and gas companies in the “Bit Service” group. The award ceremony took place on October 27, 2022 at the Moscow InterContinental Hotel at the annual Oil and Gas Service in Russia conference (NEFTEGAZSERVICE - 2022)
  • The first successful experience of using GMB-178

    At the Priobskoye field new equipment produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd, a hydraulic-mechanical shoe GMB-178, was run in hole. The first experience of use showed successful results.