Enterprise current policy, which includes the improvement and implementation of innovations in the field of drilling, united crew highly professional team, allow “BURINTEKH”, Ltd to develop intensively and remain a successful manufacturer of high-quality drilling tools. One of the key focus areas of the department where the innovations are born – Development Center – is conducting advanced research and development, and improving cost-performance ratio of already produced tools.


“BURINTEKH”, Ltd having initially significant scientific potential and little production, has been developing thanks to innovations. The innovative approach allowed not only the dynamic development of the enterprise itself, in fact doubling the volume of production annually, but also changed the attitude of Russian drilling enterprises to the drilling process as a whole. The scientific component plays a significant role in the activities of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd. The chief designer service pays great attention to research work aimed at improving the quality and performance of both manufactured products and newly developed ones. The research program includes the study of the processes of modeling the interaction of rock destruction elements with a rock.


Studies are carried out both on various test benches and by finite element analysis methods in appropriate software environments. Modern calculation modules simulate the operation of the bit in a wide range of rocks hardness and abrasiveness based on the analysis of the operation of a single cutter. This allows achieving maximum efficiency in rock cutting in difficult intervals and maintaining tool life. Software packages allow selecting a tool depending on the geology, well design and drilling modes.