• “BURINTEKH”, Ltd at AO “Messoyakhaneftegaz” project proved itself as a reliable, responsible, business and highly professional partner, capable of promptly responding to emerging technological challenges during well construction, and solving complex and non-routine problems using its own equipment and materials. “BURINTEKH”, Ltd performs work on time and at a high level.

  • At the facilities PAO “Tatneft” was successfully implemented casing while drilling technology using custom design of underreamer RR-210-295-3.OK produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd. Prototype RR-210-295-3.OK was tested while drilling 4 wells with total footage of 711 m with reaming in the required interval which allows positively valuate the implementation of casing while drilling technology in the industry.

  • “SDI” LLC expresses its gratitude to “BURINTEKH”, Ltd for fruitful cooperation in the supply of tri-cone bits and calibrators, which show presentable results in terms of durability and potential.

  • Successful pilot tests of plugging material “BIT-Plug” grade M produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd were performed at the facilities of Republican unitary enterprise “Production Association “Belorusneft”. Also the quantity of round-tip operations was reduced due to the use of special bit BC 152.4.102SP.

  • Since 2021 “Thyssen Shakhtbau EuroChem Burenie” LLC has been using magnesia backfill material BIT-Cem-M produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd specially developed for potassium salt fields.

  • “Drilling Systems” LLC thanks “BURINTEKH”, Ltd for dedicated work of employees and using high-tech tools when rendering casing exit services.

    The article is given in Russian.

  • BIT-RZD-178 and BIT-RZD-245 were run at the facilities of AO “Investgeoservice”. The products of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd products showed itself to good advantage, bits used while normalization did not have significant wear and were suitable for further drilling.

    The article is given in Russian.

  • Republican unitary enterprise “Production Association “Belorusneft” performed milling of 11 composite plugs with one mill FZVS2-114.3Sp-1.N66 produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd. Operation was performed as usual, without complications.

    The article is given in Russian.